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Bold Brush Strokes and Vivid Color are the Eye-Catching Hallmarks of Taiwo Owoniyi's Distinctive Paintings

One of Taiwo Owoniyi's favorite subjects to paint: Lake Michigan. Scroll down to view more of his work...

Name: Taiwo Owoniyi

Town: Addison, IL

Medium: Oil, sometimes acrylic

Art Education: BFA in painting

Favorite subjects: landscape, figurative, abstract, Chicago-area water scenes

Color palette: VIBRANT -- “Color is nature and meets every mood,” he says.

Style: “Everyone has their own style when it comes to brush strokes. I lay down colors line by line both vertical and horizontal. I want viewers to see both big and small brush strokes. I like to stretch myself and find small canvases too limiting. Art is a form of expression. People can look at a painting and know the emotion behind it. I want people to look at my work, see happiness, and feel joyful.”

Taiwo is also an accomplished musician regularly performing gospel music and is an assistant coordinator for Christian music at a church in Chicago. He grew up in Lagos, Nigeria as “an outdoor kid”. His father was a minister and ultimately it was mission work that brought Taiwo to the United States.

He enjoys listening to music – primarily gospel -- while he paints because he believes art and music go together. “The color flows in your mind while listening giving me momentum and motivation. I can close my eyes and see color combinations,” he adds.

Taiwo accepts commissions, primarily landscapes, and is a member of the following art leagues in Naperville, Addison, LaGrange, Oak Brook and DuPage Art League in Wheaton, IL.

He can be reached at:



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