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Batavia, IL Issues Call for Sculpture Proposals for its West Cemetery Sculpture Competition

The City of Batavia, Illinois, a city of approximately 26,000 located 40 miles west of Chicago (, announces a sculpture design competition for a work of public art. The city owns and manages two municipal cemeteries.

TIMELINE Wednesday, April 12, 2023 - Last day for submittal of questions regarding the project ... Wednesday, April 19, 2023 - Final date City of Batavia will accept concepts/proposals

In 2021 the city completed construction of a columbarium structure within its west cemetery. The west cemetery was originally established in 1845. It consists of 21 acres of wooded property, just west of the Fox River. The west cemetery is located along Batavia Ave. (IL Rte. 31) between Morton and Merlo Streets, near Batavia’s historic downtown. The city desires to have a work of public art installed atop the new columbarium structure.

Purpose/Theme: It is anticipated that the sculptural work will become a woven part of the fabric of the cemetery and will remain in place for at least the next century. As such, the sculpture should present a timeless design that reflects a level of reverence, honor and dignity befitting of those who rest within the cemetery.

The columbarium is within eyesight of the cemetery’s military war memorial. Many servicemen and women have been laid to rest within the cemetery; however, the cemetery does not just honor fallen veterans. The cemetery provides a final resting place for all of Batavia’s citizens, young and old, regardless of their individual backgrounds. The cemetery is publicly owned, nondenominational and non-sectarian and is open and accessible to everyone. The sculpture should strive to capture a sense of inclusion, peace and tranquility. Location of Project:

The Sculpture will be located atop a newly constructed columbarium structure within Batavia’s west public cemetery. The sculptural work should be designed for viewing from all sides and angles.

Who May Submit Proposals: Open to artists 18 years of age or older residing within the United States of America. Awards: The City has budgeted up to forty thousand dollars ($40,000.00) for commission of the completed and installed sculpture. The actual award value, as well as timing of distribution, will be negotiated with selected the artist prior to the commission grant.

City Contact Information: The City’s primary point of contact for this project is Mr. Gary Holm, Director of Public Works, (630) 454-2309, The City’s secondary point of contact for this project is Ms. Laura Newman, City Administrator, (630) 454-2053,


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