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Artist & Psychologist Chooses Harmonious Palettes that Soothe Emotions and Encourage Peacefulness

Naperville, IL artist, Pat Nunez, immerses herself in color palettes that bring her a sense of harmony and peacefulness. Scroll down for more artwork....

Artist: Pat Nunez

Town: Naperville, IL

Medium: Mixed media: acrylics, oil sticks, resins, alcohol inks

Style: Contemporary

Encouraging Words: “Enjoy the journey. Believe in yourself and keep exploring. Welcome the opportunities that will come along.”

Art Challenge: “I used to be afraid of working on big canvases. I always chose to work small. Now, the larger pieces are my favorites.”

As a trained psychologist, contemporary artist Pat Nunez is inspired by color and how it affects emotions and decisions. She chooses emotion-driven color palettes that appeal deeply to her and also resonate well with those who see her work.

“I enjoy painting with soft, calming, peaceful and harmonious colors,” she says. “And, I want my work to convey those feelings to others.”

Her favorite color palette includes blues, greens and purples which she uses liberally across many of her canvases.

Growing up in Mexico City, she always knew she was artistic. Interestingly, she lived close to Frida Kahlo’s very own blue home which she found to be a magical place to visit.

As a teen, school advisers urged her to study for an art-related career. However, she saw art only in terms of a hobby. That all changed four years ago when her husband’s job transferred him here to the U.S. and she was no longer able to practice psychology. Instead, she returned to painting and discovered how therapeutic the process was for her.

Today, her commissions keep her very busy. Clients who embrace her style send her an idea, photos or even videos to inspire an original piece that’s perfectly suited for their needs.

Learn more about Pat at: PAT NUNEZ art studio

Instagram: artbypatnunez

Facebook: @patnunezart

Scroll down to see how Pat's contemporary canvases add just the right designer touch to a room setting.


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