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Artist Cherie Denton Follows Her Intuition

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Cherie Denton poses next to her work, "Tree Communication" displayed at an art show in the Mayslake Peabody estate in Oak Brook, IL before the COVID-19 lockdown in early March 2020.

HOME TOWN: Oak Brook, IL

PREFERRED MEDIUMS: Acrylic, alcohol ink, collage, and mixed media

ARTIST STATEMENT: I sit down at my art table with the idea that art creation is part of the universal creation going on at all times. I feel so honored to be a part of this eternal story, which for me, shows up in a painting or collage. I follow my intuition as I work, allowing the painting to evolve, discovering shapes, letting colors appear as they will, keeping all the art principles in the background, and finally, falling in love with what appears.

ARTISTIC INSPIRATION: Close-up photographs of nature, which are fairly abstract in this form, provide much inspiration. The swirling designs on the surface of any body of water catch my attention, along with interesting patterns found in dried mud or fascinating shapes found in ice and show. I'm always bringing home interesting sticks, branches, and stones. While in a parking lot recently, I was so excited to find a squished little frog, completely dried out. I just couldn't leave THAT behind! Exploring colors and designs fascinate me. I'm also inspired by man-made design or a rusty, broken-off car part found at the side of the road.

ART EDUCATION: I began my art studies in 1986 in the new art building at College of DuPage, where I took classes in the fine art department, advertising and design, as well as in their digital art departments. I also took classes in nature art studies at the Morton Arboretum's Nature Art Program. Special thanks go to superb artist/educator Maureen Gasek with whom I studied abstract art, and by whom I was constantly inspired week after week.

TEACHING: I teach abstract art privately, one on one, emphasizing play and discovery.


CITY STREETS REFLECTIONS; Alcohol ink and India ink


SERENITY; Mixed media collage



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