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Artin' Around the St. Charles Public Library Inside & Outside!

Danielle Casali's mosaic sculpture, "In Her Light / inner light", a gift from the Friends of the Library, is ready to take flight in the perfect outdoor, terrace garden at the library. It was officially unveiled in a public ceremony on Monday, October 3, 2022. Watch this website for an interesting one-on-one interview with this creative, St. Charles, IL artist coming up soon!

Inside the library, you'll find the talented work of members of the St. Charles Arts Council on display until October 29, 2022. Here's the artist list...keep on scrolling for a peek at a few selected pieces.

Starla Snead's OPENNESS, alcohol ink on mineral paper; MY APOLOGIES FOR REFLECTIONS ON THE GLASS!!

Pat lagger's "Dance of the Hours and Shamon" encaustics on panels

Bobbie Brown's REMEMBER NOVEMBER, pastel (Apologies for glass reflections!)

Becky Blaine's ARTIST STATEMENT: "I enjoy working with shapes and patterns in organic forms and with non-representational images. I enjoy drawing, painting, printmaking and working with mixed media." (Sorry....reflections, again!)

Susie Schuele's THE STORY; watercolor (Reflections, sorry!)

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