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Addison Center for The Arts Opens Benefit Gallery Show "Ukraine Crisis: The World is On the Move"

Artist, Jennifer Hereth, explains to benefit attendees on Saturday afternoon, May 21, 2022, the thought process behind her REFUGEE series of paintings. Here she describes her painting, AFGHAN REFUGEES, "Let us reach out our hand in help and hold you through this tumultuous time waiting in line at the airport hoping for your safe escape." Scroll down for more artwork...

In less than three weeks, two artists with Ukrainian ties orchestrated enough work for an art benefit event where all proceeds go directly to the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee.

Artists, Jennifer Hereth and Tania Blanco, worked feverishly along with the support of the Addison Center for the Arts team, to organize and publicize this event scheduled for Saturday, May 21, 2022, and on display until June 18, 2022. Addison Center for the Arts is located within Addison Trail High School, 213 N. Lombard Road in Addison, IL, at a well-marked north entrance.

The United Ukrainian American Relief Committee has been instrumental in helping Ukrainian refugees find homes in the United States. The funds will be used to either repatriate refugees back into Ukraine or help others rebuild their lives here.

Jennifer Hereth has more than a dozen paintings in the show centered around the theme, Refugee. She explains, “With the uncertainty of life, any one of us could become a refugee at a moment’s notice. From political situations to extreme weather, we’re all at risk.” She has also published the book, AN ARTIST REPONDS TO POLITCAL INJUSTICE, available on AMAZON.

Now retired, Jennifer is highly accomplished with more than 50 exhibitions occurring during her career in galleries and museums across the hemisphere. She has taught drawing and painting for 40 years – first at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she also co-ran their Mexico Program I San Miguel de Allende and co-directed Oxbow Summer School of Art, in Saugatuck, Michigan – and then became a Professor of Art at The College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL.

Tania Blanco is a well-known, local collage and mixed media artist, and former student of Jennifer’s. In addition to preparing wall art for this benefit, Tania is also selling a large selection of greeting cards suitable for framing. Additionally, she decorated the Welcome Table with Ukrainian eggs she designed placed on top of a placemat she embroidered – skills Ukrainian youth learn, she explained.

Tania’s parents were born in Ukraine and came to America when Tania was age 7. She still maintains strong family ties there with almost two dozen cousins.

Be sure to stop by this exhibit, and if interested in making a donation, checks can be sent directly to: Jennifer Hereth, 1143 S. Plymouth Court, Apt. 123, Chicago, IL 60605.

BOAT PEOPLE, "Trying to keep safe within the chaotic movement of the seas." Painting by Jennifer Hereth

THE FANTASTICAL UNKNOWN OF THE REFUGEES' JOURNEY; "Will they land OK? Be locked up in a camp? Be adopted by a kind family or meet new enemies?" Painting by Jennifer Hereth

WEATHER, "Such as hurricanes, floods, and storms cause refugees to leave for new resources." Painting by Jennifer Hereth

Artist, Tania Blanco, poses beside two of her pieces; Self-portrait of My Heritage, Giclee on canvas; Defiance, mixed media.

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