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Addison Center for the Arts Features 1st Solo show of Dorothy Bury Shaw, Author & Artist Until 11/5

Take a spiritual journey for Arts DuPage Month through the art and poetry of Downers Grove resident, Dorothy Bury Shaw, at the Addison Center for the Arts starting October 8, 2022. All are welcome to enjoy the exhibit, “Line by Line.”

Dorothy Bury Shaw achieves a rich, ethereal quality by rendering her subjects with intricate layers of ink, watercolor and colored pencil on rag paper. Every line is purposeful, each element is symbolic. With more recent pieces, she includes elements of the collage, mingling worldly bits of paper with spiritual subjects to create another point of connection for the viewer.

As she works, she is softly anchored in ritual repetition as hours pass and her details emerge. She says, “My work is a visual chant, and borrows from the insights of mystics through the ages.”

Her artistic process includes poetry that comes to her while she is working at her art table. In both her art and her poetry, Bury Shaw hones-in on the common ground of human experience with her subject matter, celebrating all that is spirit within each of us.

In this solo exhibit, for the first time, Bury Shaw’s art and poetry are both being featured. She chose to name the exhibit “Line by Line” because that is how both the art and the poetry unfold. Whether in the drawing of a concept, or in composing just the right words to convey a thought, she welcomes the flow of one line following the next as it slowly comes into being. It’s like breathing, the intake, the exhale, the putting down one thought, and the pause before the next follows. Line by line, her work emerges. And it gives her great joy to share it all with you.

Dorothy Bury Shaw is the author of “Love Without Distance – A Heartscape of Art and Verse”. The book features some of her art and poetry. You can learn more about Dorothy Bury Shaw at

“Line by Line” continues through November 5, 2022.

Admission to the Addison Center for the Arts is always FREE.

The gallery is annexed to Addison Trail High School at

213 N. Lombard Road, Door #4

Addison, IL 60101


Hours are Wednesday - Saturday from 1 to 4 pm.

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