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8/26/23 "Narrative Story Telling in Your Art" with Tracy Frein at Geneva Public Library

Geneva, IL--based color pencil art school, BEECH TREE STUDIO presents a worthwhile art program for any artist working in any medium. Here's your chance to unlock your creativity with a highly experienced, award-winning, colored pencil portrait artist. Fee is $75 and you can register here: Workshops | Beech Tree Studio | Fine Art & Colored Pencils | Geneva, IL

TRACY FREIN: Artist Statement As a portrait artist and creator of Drawing by Subtraction®with Colored Pencil: My inspiration is drawn solely from my subjects and their hidden emotional truths. To be able to capture those emotions, I model my work in black and white colored pencil on drafting film. Working with a limited pallet allows me to concentrate on the composition, form, texture, tonal values and lighting.

Each subject is a compelling visual portrayal of the human spirit, determination and courage. I strive to show the viewer that while at first glance, my subjects seem serene, but show a sense of inner frailty. Capturing this inner frailty is what has moved me to documenting my subjects and their dealing with mental illness, and the sense of inner frailty that we all possess. ###



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