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11/18/23 Opening Reception at Blue Moon Gallery for Painting in Fiber by Maureen Ivy Fisher

MAUREEN IVY FISHER -- Painting in Fiber Opening Reception — Saturday, November 18, 6-9pm; 2nd Reception — Saturday, December 16, 6-9pm. Blue Moon Gallery is located at

18620 Belvidere Road | Grayslake IL 60030; 224-388-7948;

Show is on View November 11, 2023 through January 7, 2024

Gallery is open seekends 1-4pm

(Closed Dec 23-24, 30-31)

"The process I use to create my fiber work is called needle felting. Dyed sheep’s wool is the paint on my palette. A sheet of felted wool is the canvas. Special needles that adhere the colored wool to the felt sheet are my paint brushes. I blend and layer the colored wool to achieve desired hues, tones, and gradations, just as I would with paint. Simultaneously, I build with the wool fiber to add a sculptural element." -- Maureen Ivy Fisher

Organic shapes and forms, rather than straight-edged geometric ones, are the components of Fisher's compositions. They are her interpretation of the many landscapes she's hiked or traveled. The images she creates are her embrace of the natural world and, for her, are a refuge from the digital and man-made spaces in which we live and work today.

Fisher's fiber works are immersive offering meditative, contemplative, and comforting engagement. Favoring the tactile nature of working with fiber, Fisher's hands are right in the material, along with the needle, as she adds, subtracts, and layers the colors, pulls, and then shapes the materials. In this way she is closer to the work than with traditional painting and truly feels part of it.

Instagram: @kendrakett

Facebook: Blue Moon Gallery



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