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10/25/22 at Noon; Artist Gallery Talk with Rita Grendze & Ana Zanic at Aurora University

"REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PRESENT" show at The Schingoethe Center of Aurora University located inside the Hill Welcome Center at 1315 Prairie Street in Aurora, IL. Scroll down to see their work...

Break away from computer on Tuesday, 10/25/22, at noon to learn more about the insights these two fascinating contemporary artists will share about their work and thought process.

Both are based in Geneva, IL creating process-driven abstract work that is poetic, playful and evocative. Rita creates installations, sculptures and drawings. Ana works primarily in watercolor and ceramics. Inspired by literature, material exploration and meditative practices, their work in this exhibition considers the themes of migration, memory, language, and the nature of beauty,

Rita's "COLLECTIVE COMFORT" installation.

By Rita Grendze with Ana's work on the walls behind.



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