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Yes, Folks, They're EVERYWHERE! Enjoy "CICADAS ON PARADE" in Glen Ellyn, IL Now Through Summer's End! Not kidding...

Updated: Jun 3

Brought to you by THE INSECT ASYLUM -- we are NOT making this up! Read on...ha!!

Arriving on Memorial Day Weekend through August 2024

Location: Throughout Downtown Glen Ellyn

What? Think, Cows on Parade, but bugs!

Embrace the summer of the cicada. Arriving on Memorial Day weekend through the end of the summer, twenty-five hand painted cicada sculptures will be lining the streets in flowerpots, windows and trees throughout Downtown Glen Ellyn.

These 18-inch cicada sculptures are 8 lbs. each and made of plaster with copper legs. Each sculpture will be hand painted via local artist and storefront owners. 

This event is part of Cicada Parade, a large-scale collaborative art project organized by The Insect Asylum. This project celebrates Illinois’ 17-year and 13-year cicada broods. 



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