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Wilma Shimkus Art Quilts Show at Marmion Academy Art Gallery Now Through 2/16/2024

Updated: Feb 13

Wilma Shimkus Art Quilts” at Marmion’s Art Gallery -- exhibit runs through February 16, 2024. Scroll down to view more quilts...


“Wilma Shimkus Quilts” will be on display January 28 to February 16, 2024, at Marmion Academy’s Dr. Scholl Gallery located at 1000 Butterfield Road in Aurora Illinois. There will be a reception with the artist, open to the public, on Sunday, Feb 11 from 12 to 2 PM.  A raffle for selected small works will take place during the reception. If you would like to view the exhibit during school hours, please contact Lisa Dzuricsko via email  to secure an appointment time.


Wilma Shimkus has always enjoyed art in many forms, specifically taking photos and exploring ways to make color and design come together. 


As a docent at Blackberry Farm, Shimkus taught others how the pioneers survived.  She demonstrated how they made soap, raised food, and used a fireplace to cook meals.  When she found she was expecting, working in a smokey environment was not the best option, so she volunteered to become the quilter and work in the Early Streets building. 


Having no experience as a quilter but having sewed most of her adult life, Shimkus felt she could do the job.  To better prepare she signed up for a class in piecing quilts at a quilt show in Geneva.  As fate had it, that class was full, but she was directed to another class on quilting designs.  This class opened a whole new understanding of the quilting process and the care of quilts.


While working at the park, she constructed two quilts on a treadle sewing machine and hand quilted them on a frame for the pioneer cabin using some of the knowledge she had learned at the quilting class.  She incorporated pioneer themes in quilting including blackberries and animals that were prevalent in the pioneer’s lives.  By doing this, the children would see the designs of the quilting, not just the piecing designs of the quilts.


A friend then asked her if she would be interested in attending a DeKalb County Quilt Guild meeting in DeKalb and there, she found her passion in quilting.  She was a member of the DeKalb guild for many years until she found Common Threads Quilt Guild in Sugar Grove.

Always trying to improve, she has taken many classes, at the guilds, quilt stores and quilt shows and has learned many techniques over the years.  As with other artists she learns by going to quilt shows and studying the work of other quilters.  She now does most of her quilting by machine, both domestic and on a long arm.


Art quilts have become a favorite of hers and she enjoys creating quilts inspired by nature and the world around her.


The artist was present at the reception, which was open to the public, on Sunday, Feb 11 from 12 to 2 PM. 


Please note: the gallery is not wheelchair accessible.



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