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To Give Original Art This Holiday Season You'll Need to Get Your Order in Now!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Geneva, IL artist, Heidi Kinder, says perennial gifting favorites she enjoys creating for clients are house renderings and pet portraits. Starting with a photograph supplied by the client, she generates the painting using mixed media: watercolor, drafting markers, colored pencils and pastels. A black & white, 8 x 10 in graphite or pen/ink, costs around $150. Consider celebrating a current address or commemorating a past one -- say, your childhood home -- for a meaningful and thoughtful gift. Scroll down to see more home renderings and how to contact Heidi.

Heidi produces pet portraits in oils -- an 11 x 14 costs around $150. The perfect choice for the pet lover on your list. But don't wait -- original art takes time to produce!

Artist Name: Heidi Kinder

Town: Geneva, IL

Medium: She enjoys many! Watercolor, drafting markers, pastels, colored pencils, photography, printmaking, ceramics, pen/ink, woodworking, and 3-D art.

Artist Statement: “I think what makes me unique as an artist is my cross-genre expertise. I’m comfortable painting dogs, portraits, homes, landscapes and abstract art.”

Where Displayed: Café & Barr, 407 S. Third Street, Geneva, IL; Tim Nelson Architect, Ltd. 421 James Street, Geneva, IL

Artistic Inspiration: To use the gift I’ve been given by God to bring more beauty and joy into the world.

Education: Graduate of Geneva High School; Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from Illinois State University.

Teaches: For the past decade, she has worked throughout District 304 as a substitute teacher; also gives private art lessons. Currently she's exploring for children ages K-12 with a goal of offering fun, expressive creative classes as an outlet for children all around the world. She also taught at Water Street Studios in Batavia, IL for two years.

See more of her work at:

Scroll down for more home renderings...


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