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This Campton Hills, IL Jewelry Designer is All About Curls, Swirls & Bling!"

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Bracelet, "Rollercoaster in Red". (Scroll down to view more one-of-a-kind jewelry.)

Artist Name: Diane Drish

Hometown: Campton Hills, IL

Medium: Jewelry Making/Silversmithing

Although Diane’s only been making jewelry since 2017, one look at her complex creations and you’d never guess. I’d describe her jewelry style as futuristic with a nod to the Medieval – almost like something you’d see worn in the televised drama “Game of Thrones”. She makes earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and rings

When it comes to sourcing beads and sparkling bling, she’s laser focused on selecting her stones, beads or buttons in person. And yes, she even once attended that Holy Grail of Gem Shows held in Tucson each February saying she returned home with enough supplies to last a lifetime!

Diane also enjoys handling the tools needed to fashion her one-of-a-kind designs including soldering, sawing and silver wire weaving.

“Although I Iove working with tools, it’s easy to mess up when firing or torching your project,” Diane says. “Then you need to fix it so it looks intentional and that it still turns out nice. Sometimes your mistakes can actually make the piece come out even better.”

In high school she enjoyed the art classes she took, but career, marriage, raising children, and care-giving took precedence over creative pursuits. It was only after some of her family duties ended that she realized she finally had some free time. Since she lives close to Fine Line Creative Arts Center in St. Charles, IL she enrolled in their classes discovering a passion for jewelry making along with the camaraderie of others. Her designs were featured in Fine Line’s 2020 Uncommon Threads Show and Christmas market.

Diane’s Artistic Advice: “It took me 40 years to get back to art after taking it in high school. You’re never too old to learn something new – it helps your brain. The process is so gratifying even if you make mistakes along the way. The more you do the more you hone your skills. I’ve taken classes with some very talented people who inspired me to keep learning new techniques. So, don’t let your age stop you, and don’t give up. It’s worth the effort!”

Jewelry price ranges: Depending on complexity, and also material expense, items are priced anywhere from $45 - $130 on up. Diane accepts commissions for customized work.

Contact her at:

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