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Streamwood's Poplar Creek Library Gallery Features Watercolors by Mary Ellen Segraves Until 8-31-21

St. Charles, IL watercolor artist, Mary Ellen Segraves, poses next to Poplar Creek Library's Marlene Deuel Gallery entrance sign promoting Mary Ellen's two-month exhibit. (Scroll down for more of Mary Ellen's paintings.)

Just like a duck to water(color), St. Charles, IL artist Mary Ellen Segraves, has a natural affinity for her favorite medium – clear to anyone who eyes her work.

From now until August 31, 2021, 14 of her exceptional watercolor paintings are on display in the Marlene Deuel Gallery at Poplar Creek Library, 1405 S. Park Avenue, Streamwood, IL.

“I’ve always liked watercolor,” Mary Ellen shares. “I’m drawn to its lightness and airiness. Watercolor is also interactive – you’re never quite sure how it’s going to turn out.”

Although Mary Ellen does not have a formal art education, she credits the excellent teachers she’s studied with over the past 12 years, along with online workshops, for enhancing her talent. As a result of such dedication to independently honing her skills, she is now a signature member of the Illinois Watercolor Society.

Her artistic end result is impressionistic. Recalling the advice of one of her instructors, she said it’s all about approaching your painting as a problem to be solved.

As a result, she begins each project by asking herself these questions: How do I keep the light? How do I arrange the scene and the objects to create a pleasing composition? How do I convey the feeling with the least amount of detail? How do I get the “vision” in my head onto the paper?

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, she says she finds satisfaction in meeting the challenge.

And lastly, regarding how artists find their own unique style, she has this advice.

“Finding your style is not important,” she notes. “What you’re doing IS your style. My advice to artists who are searching is to just do what you do – don’t put yourself into that box. Your “style” will happen without you even realizing it.”

Good advice, from someone who seemingly, never ducks a creative challenge.

Counting Sheep

Flowers and Fruit


Top: Aflutter; Bottom: Blanket Flowers


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