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St. Charles, IL Artist Inspired by Wildlife

ARTIST: Pat VanDusen, Artist & Interior Designer

MEDIUM: Oil Pastels

NAME OF PAINTING: Bird of Paradise

ARTIST STATEMENT: “I spotted this bird at a zoo in California and was immediately taken with its beauty. It’s not a peacock, but it is a very exotic bird with incredibly colorful plumage. I took a photo and drew the picture from that.”


ARTISTIC INSPIRATION: Pat is very interested in preservation, conservation, and wildlife, especially endangered species. She enjoys painting landscapes and often includes birds of all types in her work. She is a member of the well-respected local art group, THE YELLOW HOUSE ARTISTS. This prolific group works in either oil pastel or soft pastels and number about 45 members.

WHERE TO FIND PAT’S WORK: She is currently organizing an art show for the Norris Cultural Arts Center in St. Charles, IL featuring the Yellow House Artists May 17, 2020 through June 27, 2020 which will include some of her pieces.


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