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St. Charles, IL Artist Finds Inspiration Everywhere Including in Medical Coding Notation -- Her Former Job!

Updated: Jul 1

From Caroline's “Kite Patrol” series where viewers can see the collaged medical coding notes scattered throughout the image. Underpainting of this piece is below. Scroll down for more of her artwork...

Welcome to the whimsical world of artist, Caroline Barnard, who is equally at home working in 2- or 3-D. Caroline is a mixed media artist who creates acrylic collage paintings and original fiber art dolls. Her finished pieces reflect her love of colors and textures enhanced by a sense of surprise. When the viewer looks closely, there's always more than meets the eye!

Caroline's work has received great exposure over the years. Her art dolls were spotlighted not only in doll magazines, but also on HGTV where she was later besieged by orders from around the world. Although doll design is her first love, she also enjoys painting what she describes as her "quirky girl paintings", which can inspire her to later fabricate that look into a 3-D doll.

ABOVE: “Kizzy’s World” shows where Caroline pulled out shapes from the background collage and turned them into a painting. (See underpainting of this work below). This is her version of pareidolia -- seeing shapes where none truly exist.

Interestingly, Caroline's educational background was in biology and chemistry, although while growing up her artistic endeavors were always encouraged. Later, she worked as a food microbiologist for many years until switching her career to medical coding. Along the way, she enjoyed art classes, but she is largely self-taught.

Caroline sums up, "It gives me great joy to see how people interpret and perceive my art. Hopefully, it will make them happy and brighten their day by giving them a laugh or a smile."

Visit her website for more information: Originals | Caroline Barnard Art (

Instagram: @carolinebarnardart

Below, is a collection of Caroline's work...

Underpainting of "Kizzy's World" -- finished piece shown above.

Underpainting of "Kite Patrol" -- finished piece shown above.






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