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See "Focus on Fabrics" Wall Art Quilt Show Now through October at St. Charles Public Library

Here's a closer look at one of the featured art quilts -- "Santa Fe" by Jacque Davis, 17" x 23.5"; $400; Scroll down to view more art quilts from this current exhibit...

To celebrate the opening of the newly renovated St. Charles Public Library at 1 South Sixth Avenue, the St. Charles Arts Council (SCAC) is partnering with the library through an exhibit of art quilts from local artists including the Professional Art Quilt Alliance (PAQA).

While art quilts are smaller in comparison to the larger format fabric installation recently hung on the St. Charles Municipal building by Amanda Browder through the SCAC, the shift in scale conveys another mode of personal expression and creative exploration. The beauty and diversity of the art quilt medium is showcased and echoes the city’s promotion of the arts, creativity and culture.

EXHIBITING FIBER ARTISTS INCLUDE: Jacque Davis, Celeste Giles, Denise Havlan, Sara Hochhauser, Alice Jenks, Sue Jennings, Patty Koenigsaecker, Judy Zoelzer Levine, Jo Mortland, Karen Musgrave, Emily Parson, Joy Silverman, & Kathy Sweeney. ###

"Modern Mini" by Sue Jennings, 22" x 22"; NFS

"Autumn Accent" by Darcy Berg; 40" x 16" framed; $900

"Fantasy Flower" by Sara Hochhauser; 24" x 24"; NFS

"Watercolor Flower" by Celeste Giles, 27.5" x 27.5"; NFS


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