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Seashore Plein Air Oil Painter Soaks in the Sun While Producing Paintings that Spell Vacation

Aurora, IL oil painter, JANICE CZERWINSKI, crafts a fun pose in front of a few of her coastal oil paintings. (Scroll down for more artwork...)

If you can’t own beachfront property, owning a Janice Czerwinski oil painting is the next best thing. One look at how she captures the crashing waves, endless horizon, swaying sea oats, and ocean birds in flight, and it’s an instant vacation.

Although she was raised on a farm in Iowa – an experience that nurtured her love of the outdoors -- Janice always felt drawn to the ocean.

“For me, plein air painting at the beach is a peaceful experience. It’s all about chasing the light because it changes so quickly,” Janice shares. “Whenever I travel with my family, everyone else packs a book to read while lying on the sand – not me. I bring along all my painting supplies and immerse myself in the scene.”

As a child, Janice sketched constantly even during sermons in church! Despite her obvious skill, she was shy about her artwork until a high school art teacher helped. Entering her work in an all-conference art teacher show generated awards and recognition taking Janice by surprise.

She entered college studying graphic design while continuing to paint. She also relished her first seashore trip to Sanibel Island, Florida. Later, Florida became a frequent destination, along with other coastal spots in Spain, Mexico, and across the U.S. -- especially Lake Michigan.

As an adult painter, she wished to achieve a more impressionistic look. That’s when she decided to take master classes with respected teachers who helped refine her style.

“While I’m painting, I feel such a connection to God’s creation,” she observes. “It is such a joy to paint something other people will also find joy in. The time passes so quickly while I’m outside. It feels like I’ve only been there ten minutes when in reality it’s been two hours.”

She works quickly to capture the scene while also taking a few photographs for future reference. Her plein air experience, she notes, helps her to interpret those photos more accurately with regard to light and shadow.

“Art is a never-ending journey,” Janice sums up. “We’re always learning and we’re always growing.”

If you want to preserve a favorite vacation memory or something else, Janice accepts commissions.

For updates on Janice’s art activities, sign up at:

Her paintings can be purchased directly through her website or at upcoming shows:

PEACE FOR THE SOUL, 24" x 48" oil on panel with gold floater frame; $2,850.00

PELICANS IN FLIGHT, 24" x 48" oil on panel with white floater frame, $2,850.00

MAKING THE TURN, 24" x 36" oil on panel with white floater frame, $2,250

SEA OATS ALONG THE FENCE LINE 24: x 36" oil on panel with white floater frame, $2,250.00

SHADOWS AT DUSK 18" x 24" oil on Belgian linen with maple floater frame, $1,250.00


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