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Recap: 2022 Ramble Artists Celebrate Art & Expertise with Patrons on Saturday, June 11

So many places to see art during this annual one-day event, but so little time! Although Art BEAT couldn't visit all the venues lined up, we were able to capture a few scenes from that busy day. Here you go...

Versatile artist, Teresa Harbaugh, poses in her outdoor exhibit at Water Street Studios, 160 S. Water Street, Batavia. Teresa enjoys a wide range of art expression that includes -- alcohol inks, oil, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, and her latest work -- resin and stones.

More Teresa Harbaugh...additionally, she LOVES elephants and has volunteered her time at an elephant nature preserve in Thailand!! Notice in the picture above that 10% of her sales benefit this non-profit preserve in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Learn more about Teresa at her website:

Continuing at Water Street Studios ... the ART OF TANGMO. Tangmo is an independent illustrator born in Thailand and moved to the U.S. when she was age 5. Her artwork blurs the lines between the familiar, eerie, and whimsical. As a digital artist she also licenses her work. Her shop and gallery can be found online at

Water Street...Photographer Rick Decorie from Cissna Park, IL poses outside his tent with his work taken with a Canon 80D. Taking photographs since his teen years, Rick is an experienced photographer, not to mention a former firefighter and EMT!!

Rambling over to the Geneva Center for the Arts, 321 Stevens Street, Suite Q, in Geneva was Bridget Vrtis posing with her acrylic portrait of John Lennon. She had a varied display set up that also included crocheted creations and nature-inspired jewelry... see below...

Bridget poses with a crocheted creation next to her nature-inspired jewelry.

Here are the details about Bridget's nature-inspired jewelry that includes REAL bugs, REAL flowers, and oh yeah -- REAL shark teeth! Bridget calls her business Building Bridges Art and can be found on facebook and instagram.

And lastly at Kava Diem Organic Coffee Shop in St. Charles. was Kathi Kuchler, botanical watercolorist, showing her work to her adorable, three-year-old granddaughter, Gracie.

And for a close-up of those two paintings, see below...

Fire Parrot Tulip pictured immediately below, and her second painting -- scroll down -- is Secret Parrot Tulip.


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