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"Old School" by Sandra Weiland

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Artist Name: Sandra Weiland

Resides in: Geneva IL

Artwork Title: OLD SCHOOL

Medium: Prisma Colored Pencil

Artist's Statement

God has created inspiration everywhere but left it to us to pick what moves us most. Trying to reproduce these images on paper is a way to give thanks for that privilege.

I am drawn to things of age; items that show wear from years of use or the texture and story behind faces that have been around for a while. It ‘s such a treat when a young person asks me, "What is a pie safe?" Or, when they tell me their mother has a crock just like that one. What really thrills me most is when a hear, “That’s colored pencil?" It's just what every Prisma pencil pusher wants to hear. The medium has expanded past the coloring book stigma and is now considered fine art. It has been a pleasure, and challenge, in my life for the past two years and I am blessed by being surrounded by the friendship, direction and encouragement of my colleagues and especially my teacher.


I was born in Southern Illinois but have lived in the far Western suburbs of Chicago since age three. Retirement came the fall of 2017 allowing me more time and freedom to draw.

In junior college I took commercial and fine art classes but have no formal art degree. On and off, I took as many classes as possible that were offered through a local art league but also went a few decades doing no drawing at all. In the fall of 2016, I started classes in colored pencil with Andria Burchett’s Beech Tree Studio in Geneva IL and have received sound training and the encouragement to get brave and show my art.


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