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Norris Gallery in St. Charles, IL Hosts Art Educators' 75th Anniversary Show until 7/29/23

Michael Freitag's RANCIDIFICATION OF THE HUMAN CONDITION, Digital painting. Scroll down for more artwork from this show...

Ever wonder what kind of art an art teacher creates when they have some free time? Well, don't miss this chance to discover a fascinating array of extremely varied pieces -- 75 works by 42 members of the IAEA (Illinois Art Education Association) in this statewide organization's 75th Anniversary show which was open to all members -- working or retired.

The exhibit celebrates the 75th year that the IAEA has held annual conferences for art educators across Illinois who teach at private or public institutions from Pre-K through college.

For this show, IAEA members had an opportunity to highlight a wide variety of interesting mediums they're working in that also illustrate an impressive depth of creativity. Visitors will see: collagraph intaglio prints, mirrored acrylic, embroidery thread on canvas, felting, gelatin silver prints, cyanotypes on fabric, ceramics, leather/acrylic on canvas, fused glass with colored pencil, relief prints, ceramic tile, and even leather and acrylic together on canvas! What an interesting collection!

From its beginning, the IAEA has been a leader in art education at the state, regional and national level with a rich history dating back to a humble start in 1933. This show is a great way to learn more about such a dedicated group of art educators and the inspiration they're bringing to next generations.

Norris Cultural Arts Center, 1040 Dunham Road, is open to the public with reduced hours during the summer: Thursday-Saturday, 11 AM - 4 PM. Visit:

for more details.

Dorothy Ramey's REMINISCING ABOUT THE FUTURE; fused glass and colored pencil

Tammy Kordik's REACHING FOR SOLITUDE; Leather and acrylic on canvas

Ken Klopack's SARA VAUGHAN, acrylic

This photo does not do this amazing piece justice because it is so highly reflective -- it's beautiful! Jonathan Pruc's THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW; mirrored acrylic.

Heather Havlicek's CLOCK WISE GASTROPOD; pen and watercolor

Ken Klopack's NAT COLE; acrylic

Nicole Yingst's YZ BIRDS; ceramic tile

Kathryn Parenti"s PORTRAIT WITH STINGING INSECT; wool, thread, tulle, and beads



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