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New Geneva Center for the Arts Launches ART TALKS on 10/12/2021

The Geneva Center for the Arts, 321 W. Stevens Street, Suite Q, Geneva, IL will hold its first ART TALK meeting on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. Event is FREE and open to the public -- no advance registration needed.

The topic will be "Thinking Skills, Both Critical and Creative Thinking," and how this theory relates to artists. The presenter, Barbara Dyche, is a former gifted education teacher and artist, who will lead the group discussion with questions like, "What is your definition of art?"

Barbara says, "The reason I want to ask that question and get the audience response is that one of the basic critical thinking skills lessons I teach, both to children and adults, is that "people have different definitions FOR and feelings ABOUT and responses TO the same words."

She will also discuss a theory of emotional development that she learned when studying for her advanced degree in gifted education. In that theory, there is an aspect that describes the nature of how people tend to be aware of, or in tune with their surroundings. Artists tend to have more potential in this realm than any other skilled persons. ###


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