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Naperville, IL Residents, Ania Grimone & Joseph O’Connor Create Color-Coded, Healthy Snacks

Each 1.75-ounce CareBar packet contains two snack bars.

Although a CareBar may resemble a cross between a cookie or candy bar, don’t let that fool you. It’s actually a scientifically-based, highly nutritious, well-researched food for adults. Ingredients contain therapeutic, traditional, Chinese medicine herbal formulations carefully curated by Joseph and Ania.

Containing anywhere from 200 to 230 calories, these are not meant to be a meal replacement, but a physiological boost depending on your body’s need. And, that boost happens fast – within 20 to 30 minutes of ingesting.

CareBars are Good for your Body and Mood...

(from their website)

❤️ Vegan ❤️ Gluten free ❤️ Whole food ❤️ Nuts/seeds ❤️ Dark chocolate ❤️ Superfood ❤️ Adaptogens ❤️ Mood booster

❤️ Natural energy ❤️ Brain food


It all started with Ania Grimone who holds a Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine which includes knowledge of medicinal herbs. She’s also a board- certified acupuncturist and enjoys an active lifestyle.

“I have a full-time job, a business and a passion of long-distance biking, and always struggled to find easy-to-carry, nutritious snack to pack that helped support my energy and manage stress,” Ania explains. “It seemed to me if I needed this, so would others, and the idea stayed with me.”

She joined a dating website where she met…

Joseph O’Connor – a highly trained Culinary Institute of America research chef with decades of experience.

And, VOILA! Their mutual chemistry soon extended into the kitchen where Joseph immediately embraced Ania’s quest to find an all-around healthy, alternative snack.

After much discussion, they decided that their product line would address the universal needs of:

  • Lowering stress

  • Increasing the ability to relax and sleep

  • Boosting libido

  • Increasing energy

  • Heightening well-being.

Next on the list --- researching functional herbs along with fiber sources and pre-biotics that benefit the gut. Mixing in some popular flavors like peanuts, cashews, cherries and dark chocolate would enhance taste and mask the herbs.

The bars are now available in these four choices:

  • REVIVE -- Energy, Focus & Clarity (green package)

  • ON-GUARD -- strength, protection & defense (orange package)

  • UNWIND — calm, chill, sleep (purple package)

  • TURN-ON – Indulgence, Sexy, Energy (red package).

Color selection of the packaging was intuitive – match according to the color symbology associated with the body’s chakras.

“Eating an UNWIND bar is far healthier than drinking a glass of wine and less calories,” Ania said. “Within 30 minutes, an individual will be ready to relax and sleep well, without the disruptive effect alcohol can cause.”

Joseph advises, “I think it’s important to remind consumers that CareBars are not a meal replacement, and they should not consume more than two varieties in a day.”

Ania agrees, and adds, “We encourage our customers to follow a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, plenty of water, beneficial rest, and exercise along with managing stress and increasing pleasure. Our bars are designed to support those steps and boost self-care.”

Purchase CareBars online at:

A variety pack of four sells for $16.00.


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