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Mimi Krall Enjoys Losing Track of Time Immersing Herself in Art Projects

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Bartlett, IL resident, Mimi Krall, teaches ceramics two days a week at Hanover Township Senior Center, one of only four accredited senior centers in the State of Illinois. Scroll down to see more of Mimi's work...

Mimi Krall is far too modest to refer to herself as an artist. However, most anyone else would say she fully qualifies. From producing pieces for art shows and teaching ceramics for the past 15 years, to her lifelong pursuit of perfecting her craft, Mimi is definitely an artist!

In fact, her 3D "Bird Bash" piece can now be admired at Fine Line Creative Arts Center, 37W570 Bolcum Road, St. Charles, IL. Its latest juried show, "On the Wing" in Kavanaugh Gallery is on display until August 10, 2022.

Since childhood, she’s expressed herself creatively through art enjoying working in a variety of mediums from clay and alcohol ink to photography, mixed media, watercolor and acrylic.

Although never attending formal art school, she has read many books on the subject. Plus, she’s discovered useful art training on Youtube and especially recommends “Awesome Art School” by Karen Campbell as an excellent resource.

Two days a week, you’ll find her coaching students in her ceramics class, painting bisqueware, at the Hanover Township Senior Center, 240 S. Route 59 in Bartlett, IL. Classes are limited to 14 participants and open to individuals aged 55 and over who live both in or out of the township.

“I enjoy the social aspect of my classes where everyone can feel welcome and chat about anything,” she says. “If my students feel better when they walk out of here, then I’ve done my job.”

The Hanover Township Senior Center is one of only four accredited in the State of Illinois and is definitely worth exploring. From their many art classes and other programs to a daily hot lunch, Monday-Friday, it is an incredible facility. You can find more information at:

“Art is a relaxing getaway for me,” Mimi explains. “It’s fun to just get lost in the projects I do on my own where I completely lose track of time.”

She adds, “And, I especially enjoy Christmas art projects – maybe it’s because I love jolly old men bringing me gifts!” she jokes.

Don’t miss the senior center's upcoming GOT ART? Show -- reception is on Thursday, August 4, from 1 PM – 4 PM. You’ll have a chance to see the students’ work and learn more about ongoing art classes there. Enjoy!

Mimi's "Bird Bash" on display in the "On the Wing" show currently at the Kavanaugh Gallery in Fine Line Creative Arts Center in St. Charles, IL. Ceramic birds are perched on kiln-dried grapevine.

Mimi's alcohol ink work.

Alcohol ink

Another version of birds perched on kiln-dried grapevine. Fine Line Creative Arts Center |


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