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Meet Michiyo Fullerton, Colored Pencil Artist & Teacher, Montgomery, IL

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Painting Name: "SAKURA" completed in colored pencil from a photograph Michiyo took while in Fukuoka, Japan -- scroll down for a closer look at this amazingly lifelike picture.

ARTIST STATEMENT: I call this art "Wabi and Sabi". These are words to appreciate Japanese aesthetic sensibilities which represents the beauty that lies within simplicity and imperfection. I like cherry blossoms because they are so delicate and although the pale pink petals fall off quickly, I love their fleeting beauty.

INSPIRATION: Inner feelings, the natural environment, people, and photographs

TEACHES COLORED PENCIL AT: Beech Tree Studio, Montgomery, IL You can find out more about upcoming classes and workshops by clicking:


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