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Local Artist Creates Cancer Patient Coloring Books Combining Companionable Wit & Wisdom for All

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

For many, there’s not much to laugh about during the stressful time of cancer care. However, finding the humor in even the most difficult situations can actually be therapeutic, explains author, artist and cancer survivor, Jeri Davis. Scroll down for a peek at a few pages...

As a result of having a good sense of humor and needing to brighten her own scary days of cancer treatment, she started developing ideas that eventually became a 54-page coloring book with humorous captions. Its clever title is: “Greetings from Chemo Country: An Irreverent & Often Inappropriate Coloring Book About Chemotherapy.” It is available for $20 on AMAZON; Greetings from Chemo Country: Jeri Davis: 9781792384196: Books

After years of working in advertising and garnering many talented friends and co-workers, the coloring book is filled with the artwork of 15 contributors. It is dedicated to her oncologist and chemo nurse and all the chemo/oncology nurses who love, nurture, and keep their patients steady as they face cancer.

In September 2020, Jeri’s cancer diagnosis came as a complete shock. Her symptoms seemed benign – a simple case of allergies – she thought. Instead, when a mass pushed aside her trachea/esophagus area, she learned she had non-Hodgkin lymphoma, an aggressive cancer that can be cured when caught early enough.

“After six rounds of chemotherapy, with some infusions lasting eight hours, it became clear that a coloring book, where chemo patients could see a bit of themselves or their experience, could be a great distraction,” Jeri says. “It could also provide relaxation and comfort for family, friends, and med teams.”

Although Jeri felt fatigue at the time of her treatments, she wasn’t sick. She wanted to describe the weirdness of it all, as she saw it, and started writing during her hospitalizations. Slowly her ideas came together eventually into a coloring book format.

“There’s something soothing about the repetitive process of coloring,“ she notes. “And the humor aspect was especially important to me. We protect ourselves during illness and can be afraid to laugh aloud. But I wanted to laugh and laughing helped me feel power over my cancer.”

Her idea launched successfully with support from many including those within the cancer care community. Coloring Book #2 is now well underway, along with forging strategic medical partnerships to help distribute to those in need of such support. Instead of turning her endeavor into a business, she sought legal assistance for forming it into a charity. She also has ideas for future topics to tackle such as grief as well as Spanish translations.

“There’s commonality in our cancer experiences,” Jeri sums up. “And permission to laugh is needed along with the vehicle in which to do it. This provides a way to stop pushing cancer from behind but to get out in front of it instead.”

Visit her website for more information: page (


Cover of Volume 2 which comes out in Fall 2023. Find it on Jeri's website and AMAZON.



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