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Kane Repertory Theatre’s First Outdoor Production “Romeo & Juliet” Knocks It Out of the Park

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Silhouetted in front of a breath-taking sunset at the Pottawatomie Park pavilion in St. Charles, IL on opening night are actresses Juliet (Leiren Jackson) and Nurse (Rosalind Hurwitz)

Kane Repertory Theatre’s Opening Night of Shakespeare’s tragedy “Romeo & Juliet” on Thursday, August 12, 2021, outside at the St. Charles Park District’s Pottawatomie pavilion had all the ingredients for success: skilled actors, gentle evening breezes, and a sunset sky backdrop painted by Mother Nature herself.

The 17-member troupe presented one of William Shakespeare’s most popular and enduring plays written about 1597. It centers around two feuding families in Verona, Italy, the Montagues and the Capulets, resulting in the deaths of their offspring and star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet.

Despite the simple props and the players’ all-black wardrobes distinguished only by colored silk scarves identifying their rank or family affiliation, and absence of onstage scenery, the players’ movements and moving dialogue deeply engaged the audience.

During intermission, director Paul Kassel, mingled with audience members near the concessions. He shared that his chief concern for opening night had been their lack of rehearsals at the pavilion due to inclement weather earlier in the week. No worries, there. These pros paced those boards as though they knew every square inch by heart.

Sword fights were powerfully and realistically staged with a special shout-out to the energetic performance of Mercutio, Romeo’s best friend, played by the talented Artistic Director of the Kane Repertory Theatre, Daniil Krimer.

Kane Repertory Theatre’s production of Romeo and Juliet plays through August 29 at the pavilion at Pottawatomie Park, 8 North Avenue in St. Charles. Tickets and information are available at: Kane Repertory Theatre | St Charles, Illinois | United States

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