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Introducing "My Monet" Home Study Art Studio Projects from Award-Winning Artists like Phil Schorn

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Cardinal in a branch by Phil Schorn is one of the MY MONET colored pencil projects users can create.

My Monet Art Studio is your place to learn about creating art in your own place. Painting, drawing, and sketching in the comfort of your home is a relaxing escape into the world of vivid color and creativity. Art explored in a variety of mediums with featured artists will guide you through the process to create your own masterpiece.

My Monet Art Studio offers subscription series packages, individual project kits and digital downloads of the projects to fit how you want to create your own masterpiece. Each visiting artist will put together a series of creative projects for you to work on.

Their first subscription is Colored Pencil Art and is comprised of 5 different projects you will receive over the course of the year if you purchase the subscription. As you progress through the projects, we will offer bonus projects you can purchase or download to grow your portfolio.

For more information, visit My Monet website here: My Monet Art Studio

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