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Guest Digital Artist Appearance -- 1 Night Only at Blue Moon Gallery; 7/22/23; 6-9 PM

Guest Artist: Kristin Ashley

ONE NIGHT ONLY — July 22 — 6-9pm

ON THE BRICKS: Photo Montages & Paintings

Inspired by her love of nature photography and her expertise with computers, color, and composition, Kristin creates unique digital works of art by layering her own photographs and utilizing Adobe Photoshop’s filters and effects. Weaving images into a dreamlike tapestry that represents her dreams and visions, her montages take on an otherworldly appearance, rich in color and symbolism. Drawing from her lifelong interest in symbols, mythology and archetypes, Kristin has created a mystical world through her art that melds the reality of nature with the magic of the unseen world.

Enjoy art, live music, and socializing on a summer night at the Blue Moon!

Blue Moon Gallery | 18620 Belvidere Road | Grayslake IL


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