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Grayslake, IL -- Blue Moon Gallery Collective Artists 2023 Exhibit Ends 3/12/23 -- Don't Miss It!

From Kendra Kett's PARTICLE SERIES... Cellular Anatomy of Despair (With Little Rays of Light Shining Through) 16 x 16 Watercolor pencils, colored pencils, paint pens, ink, graphite on watercolor paper. On View through March 12, 2023

Blue Moon Gallery

18620 Belvidere Road | Grayslake IL 60030


From Kendra Kett, Gallery Director, Owner/Curator:

The Particle Series is a collection of mixed media artworks about the power of healing and recovery after loss, betrayal, abuse and grief. The series implies that healing doesn't always happen in huge leaps and bounds -- but more so cell by cell, particle by particle -- within us. We slowly evolve and heal, breath by breath, day by day, one cell at a time.

“The shapes in my art are my imaginative visual ideas of what our cells, molecules -- and their interactions -- look like as we encounter the hard work of healing while we simultaneously enter new states of renewal and aliveness that place us on a now different path. My art is also about experiencing conflicting emotions, sometimes within a single moment. Many pieces address the co-existence within us of sadness & happiness, anger & compassion, despair & accomplishment, love & loneliness.”

Kendra adds: "We are VERY EXCITED to announce our new 2023 Collective Artists who will be showing their works here year-round."

Now On View through March 12, 2023 -- artists are:

John Kirkpatrick Jr -- figurative expressionism with strong bold brush strokes and a vibrant color palette

Juli Janovicz -- floral watercolors with a twist

Michael Litewski -- award-winning "house and home" paintings, drawings, and mixed medias constructions

Kathleen Heitmann -- oil and acrylic florals, landscapes, figuratives, abstracts



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