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Graphic Designer, Dennis Pryber, Strives to Duplicate the Clean Style of Bygone Travel Posters

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Majestic "Solitary Bugle" boasts broad, bold strokes with clear evidence of wintry weather. You can almost hear the train whistle in the background slicing through this animal's natural habitat. Scroll down to view more of his artwork...

Name: Dennis Pryber, Graphic Designer

Owner: Verso Design Corp.; 815-325-4535

Town: St. Charles, IL

Mixed Media: Ink, acrylic, washes, digital

Education: Columbus College of Art & Design; Columbus, OH

Background: “My mom got me started drawing when I was about six years old. She’d draw a line and have me finish it. Later, when the “Stars Wars” movie came out, I’d set up movie sets based on those scenes or draw in an animation style.”

Today, Dennis finds himself gravitating to the bold, clean lines of silk-screened artwork reminiscent of old travel posters. It’s a style he enjoys creating and is a direction he’d like to continue developing.

Favorite Art Subjects: Because outdoor activities like camping and canoeing are favorite past times, it’s no surprise to learn how much he enjoys drawing anything related to the outdoors.

Encouraging Words: “Art is a roller-coaster career with definite ups & downs. My advice is, don’t give up. Most artists ask themselves, ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ Or, ‘Should I try something new?’ All artists go through these periods of self-doubt. But, if you give up, you’ll never reach your full potential. When I look at the work I did 15 years ago, I see improvement, and so will you if you keep at it. It’s also important to network with like-minded people who can help and encourage. Look to them for inspiration in pushing yourself further.”

Dennis, who generously donates his time to the St. Charles Arts Council, can be found on Instagram:

"It's Not Easy"

"Demise by Rut"

"The Sighting"



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