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Get Your Ramble On -- Fox River Arts Ramble Details Below for Popular Event June 11, 2022

The Fox River Arts Ramble will be held throughout the Fox River Valley on Saturday, June 11, 2022 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

The Fox River Arts Ramble is a cooperative program sponsored by Fine Line Creative Arts Center, Geneva Center for the Arts, St. Charles Arts Council and Water Street Studios. The event was created in 2018 as a means to raise awareness of the rich artistic talent contained throughout the Fox River Valley. Artists and venues from Elgin to Aurora are invited to participate while the public is invited to take a self-guided tour to witness the artistic culture we enjoy in the Fox River Valley.

“Our 2021 Ramble featured 37 venues and over 120 artists presented their work. We were thrilled with the positive feedback we received from both the public and the artists!” stated Kathryn Hill, Executive Director of the St. Charles Arts Council. “The event is a collaboration of several local arts organizations and it gives us a chance to pool our energy into an event highlighting these amazing artists.”

Venues and/or artists register for this one-day event. Artists of all types are invited to participate at either a venue or at their own artist tent at a Venue Hub. Maps indicating participating Venues/Artists will be printed for use on the event day.

“Venue Hubs” will be located at Fine Line Creative Arts Center, Geneva Center for the Arts, St. Charles Arts Council (location TBD), and Water Street Studios. Artists are required to provide their own tents at these venue hubs.

Registration and further details can be found at or contact Kathy Hill, Director at the St. Charles Arts Council at


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