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GALLERY GLIMPSE: Blue Moon in Grayslake, IL Beams Brightly; Business Savvy Owner Sells Art Well

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Blue Moon Gallery, 18620 Belvidere Road, Grayslake, IL is well worth the visit. Owner, Kendra Kett, offers interest-free payment plans, free delivery & installation locally, and shipping anywhere in the U.S. Art is well curated and beautifully displayed. Scroll down to see current art, website link, and gallery interior...

GALLERY GLIMPSE -- This is first in a series of occasional reviews we'll be running exploring galleries in the area and their art services.

Blue Moon owner, curator and artist, Kendra Kett, is extremely knowledgeable about the business of art as well as personable and professional. After more than four years in operation, she has learned how to choose her local artists carefully with the knowledge of what sells well to area buyers at the right price.

She explains the gallery’s name: “Once in a blue moon something remarkable comes along – just like seeing a beautiful painting for the very first time. It can touch you deeply with an emotional resonance. It’s exciting and even a bit rare. Like a true, blue moon, you just have to have it.”

Although the gallery looks deceptively small from the street, once inside it is open, airy, and bright with soothing colors, a salon-approach to display, tabletop art, high ceilings and even clerestory windows filling the length with natural light.

Currently, her business model includes five, year-round artists, who comprise what she terms, “The Collective”. Her Guest Artists program rotates through the gallery about every six weeks. The “Affiliate Artists” can be found on her website featuring their bios, latest work and the option to buy online.

Prices range from $300 on up to around $1,500 or higher.

“Over the years, I’ve carefully tracked what subject matter sells,” she notes. “They fall in this order: Landscapes, Florals, Figurative, and lastly Abstracts.”

To reflect sales success, she created the RED DOT WALL. Every time someone makes a purchase, the label with the red dot indicating, SOLD, gets its place of honor there. As of now, about 550 red dots indicate all the sales over Kendra’s four years of operation, and that includes during the COVID shutdown.

Kendra is a savvy marketer working hard on behalf of the artists she represents hosting monthly receptions that spill right out the front door to a welcoming fire pit, along with refreshments and live music. She also posts online constantly to increase exposure.

Opening Receptions are held on Fourth Saturdays from 6-9 PM.

Gallery Hours: Saturdays & Sundays 1-4 PM.

For artists who would like to work with Kendra, there is a CONTACT FORM on her website explaining the steps. Visit here:

Gallery is welcoming and airy.

Kendra poses with the RED DOT WALL -- the "wall of happiness", she says.

Some of Kendra's own colorful work.



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