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Ellen Rottsolk's Artwork Releases the Power of the Imagery & Places You Within It!

Pictured above -- Ellen Rottsolk's "STORM FRONT" where you can practically hear the unrelenting waves crash against the rocks and feel the stinging cold mist pepper your face. Scroll down for more of Ellen's artwork...

Whether it’s a blustery storm blowing in across the lake or a busy galley kitchen -- see below, Ellen’s work has a way of capturing and conveying the energy of an image. Deftly she can freeze a moment in time to perfectly place the viewer smack dab within it.

Name: Ellen Rottsolk

Town: Wheaton, IL

Art Education: Undergraduate and master’s degrees in art from Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL

Art Career: Former art teacher at Kaneland High School; Teaches currently at the DuPage Art League in Wheaton, IL. She says she knew from third grade that she would grow up to become an art teacher.

Medium: Graphite; soft pastel

Favorite subject matter: “Anything!” she replies enthusiastically.

Plein air enthusiast: From May through October, she describes herself as a “die hard” -- even when it rains -- she’ll sit in her car drawing! Favorite plein air destinations include local forest preserves, Morton Arboretum, and St. James Farm in Wheaton, to name just a few.

Inspiration: Light and dark values; interesting shapes that catch her eye and challenge her to see if she can capture them.

Encouraging words: “Drawing is a skill you can learn. It’s what you do with it that makes it creative. How much you practice makes for better, not perfect. Try to interpret what you see in front of you. It’s all about how you look at things – see the negative spaces – drawing is looking at things differently.”

Ellen accepts commissions, and can be emailed at:

Galley Kitchen; By Ellen Rottsolk

Boulangerie du monde; By Ellen Rottsolk

Tapped Out; By Ellen Rottsolk

Roadside Attraction; By Ellen Rottsolk

Portrait of Richard; By Ellen Rottsolk

Artist and teacher, Ellen Rottsolk

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