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Discover STICKER SNOBS at Their First Anniversary Event July 1-2, 2022 in Aurora, IL

Have fun getting stuck on stickers at STICKER SNOBS' upcoming one-year anniversary event in Aurora, IL at McCarty Mills Tap Room, 140 S. River Street, Suite 108, Aurora, IL July 1-2, 2022 from 2 PM to Close. Free & open to the public. See more examples below...

How would you like to purchase a piece of original art for just one dollar? No problem – buy it as a sticker!

Sticker Snobs is hosting its first anniversary celebration at McCarty Mills Taproom, 140 River Street, Suite 108, Aurora, IL July 1–2, 2022 from 2 PM to close. Open to the public and free to attend, it’s a chance for artists and patrons to mingle and explore a new way to purchase art.

Founder, Mari Del Valle -- a full-time artist and graphic designer -- hatched the idea of Sticker Snobs with the owner of McCarty Mills Taproom in 2021 as a way to support local businesses and artists.

Why stickers?!

“It’s a way to think outside the box with your artwork,” Mari explains. “Stickers offer a new approach. The group provides a space to share ideas and talk with other artists. It’s not a competition – there’s room for everyone’s art.”

Coming from New York City, Mari had no space for art in her apartment. Because stickers are small, useful, and versatile, they can be put on a variety of items such as a water bottle, daily planner, car bumper, or collected in a sticker book album. They’re also affordable.

Sticker Snobs’ public events offer a chance to support artists, see what they’re up to with their designs, engage in conversation, and have a good time.

The group plans four events a year at McCarty Mills Taproom with a theme, although not mandatory for the artist to follow. July’s theme is: “Nostalgia” and will include 18 different artists, including the work from a few who are out-of-state.

Participating artists will sell their stickers in various types of packs or individually ranging in size from about 1 inch to 5 inches. Prices start at $1.00 with all proceeds going back to the artist. Artists can also choose to trade stickers with each other.

More information will be posted on instagram @thestickersnobs or email Mari directly at


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