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Cultural Influences of Bright Colors, Spicy Foods, Ornate Clothes & Festivals Inspire this Artist

Artist, Megha Baran, poses here with her work titled, SPOTLIGHT. Scroll down to view more of her boldly colorful artwork...

ARTIST NAME: Megha Baran

SEEN LOCALLY: Fine Line Creative Arts Center, ENVIRONMENTS Exhibit

MEDIUMS: Oil, Acrylic & Mixed Media

ARTIST STATEMENT: “Originally from India, I have resided in the United States since 2007. I am very passionate about painting and all forms of visual art.

"I paint because it gives me a chance to explore and spread the magic of colors. My paintings are inspired by my cultural roots and reflect my life journey, while showcasing my love for bright colors. I capture the vibrance of bold colors and the patterns in nature, through my brushstrokes. I like to utilize various mediums and textures depending on the subject or the thought I am capturing.

“I paint a wide variety of subjects such as abstracts, landscapes, florals, and mixed media. It brings me immense joy when my artwork enriches the lives of others.”

Like many artists, Megha’s style has changed over the years. From painting traditional landscapes, she gradually morphed more toward abstract landscapes and florals. Then she began adding more layers, materials and other elements to achieve textural effects.

Megha especially enjoys participating in outdoor art shows where she gathers feedback about her work.

“I find it interesting learning about my work from my customers,” she says. “It’s a good way to get to know your strengths and how to improve. I like finding out how my work makes them think and feel. Hearing about your creations from someone else's point of view can be very helpful.”

To visit her online gallery, click here: Artist Statement & Bio - ColorsbyMegha







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