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Congratulations to Colored Pencil Artist, Michiyo Fullerton, Published in July 2021 COLOR Magazine

"CREW", 8x8, colored pencil, has been published in the ART GALLERY section of the July 2021 issue of Ann Kullberg's COLOR -- a colored pencil magazine.

MICHIYO FULLERTON of Montgomery, IL teaches fine art in colored pencil at her home studio for Beech Tree Studio based in Geneva, IL under the direction of Andie Burchett.

Michiyo's work never ceases to fill me with awe. Her realistic detail, along with how deftly she captures light and reflections, appears almost photographic in its realism. I've been very fortunate to have experienced Michiyo as a caring and encouraging instructor who remains extremely humble about her own extraordinary talent.

Here’s what Michiyo wrote about her published artwork above, "Crew":

"I enjoy drawing portraits because it captures a moment in a person’s life. As soon as I draw the subject’s eyes, they come to life for me. I thought the photo captured his boyhood in a single moment and I wanted to show the same in my artwork. While I drew this portrait, I imagined Crew’s life now and what life has in store for him in the future."

Michiyo's work deserves the broadest audience possible!. You can see more of her work at:


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