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"Code Talk" Paper Artistry

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Recently on display at the Norris Gallery in St. Charles, Carol Kazwick's unique three-dimensional artwork of handmade paper and wood caught my attention. Although the show closed, August 21, Carol is well-known in the area from her 32 years of teaching at the Fine Line Creative Arts Center in St. Charles. Her classes include paper and book making, along with collage and design. "This is the most letter-form intensive piece I've done," she said. "And I plan to do more in the future." She noted that she was careful to assemble the letters so there would be no words. She liked creating a piece where the message it's conveying is a mystery. Carol makes paper using 100% cotton rags which were colored beforehand with pigments. Carol, who originally was a weaver, looked for something different to do in the late 1970s which is when she discovered the art of making paper.

Carol poses with another of her paper art projects featuring antique postcards, photos and letters discovered at antique or flea markets. Carol noted that each item adds its own unique story to the completed piece.

Carol Kazwick
Carol Kazwick


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