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Chicago's Field Museum Accepts Riverside Arts Ctr Community Quarantine Quilt

PHOTOGRAPH OF THE COMPLETED QUILT. Field Museum Staff will be at the Riverside Arts Center on Friday, May 6th, to transfer it to the museum, but until then the quilt will be on display in the FlexSpace area at Riverside Arts Center, 32 E. Quincy Street, Riverside, IL

The community quilt, created by community members and sponsored by Riverside Arts Center (RAC), offers an uplifting perspective on the coronavirus pandemic. The quilt draws together experiences from the RAC community during the 2020's stay-home period.

Chicago's Field Museum's new Pandemic Collection is housed permanently within its Anthropology Collection. According to the Field Museum, The Pandemic Collection is "a new collection of artifacts and materials that reflect cultural responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the economic devastation, and the simultaneous related activism for the social justice. The collection will capture the diverse ways in which people have invested meaning and taken action in this time of rapid social change. In doing so, the Museum will create a dynamic collections resource for current and future generations."

The project, led by local Riverside resident, Bridget Juister, was completely free for community participation using fabric scraps Juister had on hand. She completed the quilt using a golden thread woven between the squares as a symbolic link between diverse communities and the individuals within them.

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