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And the winners are...Norris Gallery's "At Home" Winter Show on Display through 2/18/24

AWARD OF EXCELLENCE "Fall Comes Homes", Claudia Frost; digital photography...scroll down to view the work of other winners...

The AT HOME art exhibit now at the Norris Cultural Arts Center in St. Charles, IL comprises 60 exceptional pieces in 2D and 3D now on display until February 18, 2024. Judge Elisabeth Dzuricsko is an art instructor at Marmion Academy in Aurora, IL as well as the Director and Curator of the Dr. Scholl gallery in the Academy. Elisabeth exhibits her own work in locally and regionally. Her Judge's comments are printed out and available for AT HOME visitors to read. Of the nine winners (six Honorable Mention and three Awards of Excellence) we will reprint an edited version of Elisabeth's reviews for the Awards of Excellence.

Artist, CLAUDIA FROST; AWARD OF EXCELLENCE -- pictured above

"This photography is full of intriguing details -- the beautifully lighted flowers, the subtle raised patter on the glass jar, the detailed design on the metal container and the elaborate scarf with fringe. Yet, the individual components of the photograph work with each other instead of competing for the viewer's attention. This is accomplished by color relationships, thoughtful lighting and placement of the objects within the layout..."

"728 Ontario" Mixed Media Sculpture by Liz Koerner; reverse side includes a dark mirror

Artist, LIZ KOERNER; AWARD OF EXCELLENCE -- pictured above

"Using an address as the title of this exquisitely crafted work reinforces the strong sense of place. The blue roses on the wallpaper adjacent to the matching blue rounded form evoke the design of an older home. When one turns the corner, a dark mirror places the viewer in a space with a rounded basin form. The viewer looks from the basin to the mirror in a movement that is repeated multiple times daily. Past and present merge..."

"The Porch"; oil on canvas by Karen Kohn


"All elements in this painting successfully reinforce the feeling that this image of a dog has captured a believable moment in time. The gestural lines on the dog's fur depict the dog without needing to realistically capture every piece of fur...The depiction and placement of the dog's leash connects the other parts of the composition. The subtle use of complementary colors in the painting makes the dog seem alive. The textural treatment of the porch deck is very effectively rendered."

Winners of HONORABLE MENTION are...

Thomas Celewicz, "Home Across the State Line", oil on canvas

Jean Ladendorf, "The Wagon", digital photo collage

Laura Lein-Svencner, "Moth in the House", Mixed media collage

Joan Mills, "Notions", miexed media collage

Richard Sperry, "Chicago Theatre-- Sold Out", oil on canvas

Robert Wilson, "Rejected by His Peers, He Became a Couch Tomato", ceramic sculpture




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