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8/24/23 Lemonade & Art Social at Addison Center for the Arts from 2-4 PM

Mark your calendars and visit their gallery to admire "Lines and Healing Circles," a solo art exhibition by accomplished photographer Jeanne Garrett currently on display. This is also your time to learn more about joining or volunteering at Addison Center for the Arts (ACA), 213 N. Lombard Road in Addison, IL.

Come for a lively chat about the beautiful artwork of Jeanne Garrett on display in the gallery and learn more about the ACA and the cultural activities we have available for volunteers, members and committee members.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Additionally, if you are looking for a part-time job, we are seeking an office assistant who can help with social media and web site updates, and other administrative tasks. We would like to meet you and discuss that opportunity, as well.

RSVP by phone call at 630-458-4500 or by emailing


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